Microsoft 365 Defender for Business
2.80 EUR /month
Tax not included
With Defender for Business, you can help protect the devices and data your business uses with: <br/> • Enterprise-grade security. Defender for Business brings powerful endpoint security capabilities from our industry-leading Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution and optimizes those capabilities for IT administrators to support small- and medium-sized businesses.<br/> • An easy-to-use security solution. Defender for Business offers streamlined experiences that guide you to action with recommendations and insights into the security of your endpoints. No specialized knowledge is required, because Defender for Business offers wizard-driven configuration and default security policies that are designed to help protect your company's devices from day one.<br/> • Flexibility for your environment. Defender for Business can work with your business environment, whether you're using Microsoft Intune or you're brand new to the Microsoft Cloud. Defender for Business works with components that are built into Windows, and with apps for Mac, iOS, and Android devices.<br/> <br/> <br><p> <FONT color="#c70000"><strong>Please pay attention!</strong> Discounts are not included in the price <strong>on this page</strong>. Discount will be applied at the checkout stage.</FONT> </p> • Integration with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, RMM tools, and PSA software. If you're a Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP) using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, you can view security incidents and alerts across your customers' tenants (see Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and Defender for Business). If you're a Microsoft managed service provider (MSP), you can integrate Defender for Business with your remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools and professional service automation (PSA) software (see Defender for Business and MSP resources).<br/>
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  • Microsoft Defender for Business P1Y Annual NCE

    Advanced endpoint security optimized for small and medium sized businesses

    33.60 EUR /year
    Tax not included
  • Microsoft Defender for Business P1M Monthly NCE

    <b>Do more with less! Get 16,7% discount on this plan! </b> Advanced endpoint security optimized for small and medium sized businesses

    3.36 EUR /month
    Tax not included
  • Enterprise-grade device security
    Get a complete set of prevention, protection, and response capabilities to thwart sophisticated cyberattacks.
  • Easy to use
    Activate security policies out чфof the box with simple set-up wizards.
  • Cost-effective protection
    Get comprehensive cybersecurity value at a price that works for your business.